Winners for the 2022 Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network (YEN), the inaugural year of YEN in North America, have been announced!

The Michigan Wheat Program; MSU; the Grain Farmers of Ontario; the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs; and the University of Guelph have announced 2022 winners for the highest percentage yield.

  • Jeffery Krohn (pictured here) from Elkton, Michigan, with the highest percentage of potential yield at 87.9%.  Krohn is also current chairman of the Michigan Wheat Program board.
  • Andy Timmermans from Stratford, Ontario, with 79.1% of potential yield.
  • Aaron Stuckey from Archbold, Ohio, with 79% of potential yield.

In addition, the partners also announced winners of the highest yield competition:

  • Krohn (MI) with 165.9 bu./acre.
  • Timmermans with 150.2 bu/acre.
  • Kelsey Hill from Arnprior, Ontario, with 144.1 bu/acre.

The year-old Great Lakes YEN project has helped farmers learn from each other about new ways to improve their yields. The 2022 participants will have the opportunity to discuss their on-farm successes at the 2022 YEN wrap-up meeting in late January 2023.

“Understanding and learning about the potential for winter wheat is incredibly valuable to farmers,” said Paul Hoekstra, vice president strategic development at Grain Farmers of Ontario. “We congratulate the winners and cannot wait to see what follows in the next years of the Great Lakes YEN.”

Although the 2021-2022 growing season had its weather challenges, wheat growth and development were near normal to excellent in some locations, leading to a few record yields. Great Lakes YEN participants produced an average yield of 116 bushels per acre.

“The weather challenges faced by growers prove once again how resilient they are,” said Jody Pollok-Newsom, executive director of the Michigan Wheat Program. “The YEN is an outstanding program because as the data continues to be collected, we will have better and better information about strategies to deal with the ever-changing weather conditions of our region.”

“Our YEN growers are poised and ready to meet challenges armed with the data from their own farm, as to what works best in their conditions,” she said.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all of our participants, partners, and sponsors for such a successful year of the Great Lakes YEN! We look forward to seeing you all at the wrap up meeting.

Sponsors for the first year of Great Lakes YEN were: BASF, King Milling, Mennel Milling and Star of the West. Thank you, all!