One of the key functions of the Michigan Wheat Program under Public Act 232 is to explore marketing opportunities for Michigan-grown wheat and there are many.

From the beginning, the Michigan Wheat Program has been guided by visionary farmers, millers and end-users of Michigan wheat. All of them see that Michigan-grown soft white and red winter wheat have several key marketing advantages including:

  • Manufacturers’ preference for Eastern wheat’s distinctive profile;
  • Proximity to market and to large value-added processors in Michigan and the Great Lakes region;
  • Decreasing acreage elsewhere in the Eastern US;
  • Michigan’s historic strength in wheat yields per acre; and
  • Advent of boutique and artisan distillers and brewers looking for locally-grown grains.

In addition, markets are seeking wheat with enhanced nutrition, better traits for food manufacturing, good milling quality and other traits. The MWP board’s investments in wheat breeding research seek to help meet this need, as well as needs of the farmers.

In this section of the Michigan Wheat Program website, you’ll find information about future market opportunities as being identified through a Strategic Growth Initiative grant, and the importance of verification in the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP).

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