Enabling Legislation

The Michigan Wheat Program was established in 2011, after a vote by the wheat farmers in Michigan. The MWP was created under Michigan Public Act 232, which allows agricultural commodities to create governmental, nonprofit organizations to advance their industry.

Michigan Wheat Program

The program was developed by a farmer committee committed to keeping Michigan wheat production profitable and viable in the Great Lakes State. The purpose of the program is to ensure the profitable production, marketing, and utilization of wheat on behalf of Michigan producers. The program shall emphasize advancements in wheat research; education; information delivery, market development and industry-wide collaboration. Read entire document here.

Agriculture Commodities Marketing Act – Act 232 of 1965

P.A. 232 is the enabling legislation for most of Michigan’s ag commodity organizations. The Act relating to the marketing of agricultural commodities or agricultural commodity inputs; to provide for marketing and research programs, agreements, referendums by producers, assessments on producers, and commodity committees; and to prescribe certain functions of the department of agriculture relative thereto including powers of enforcement of this act; and to prescribe remedies and penalties. Read entire document here.