MAEAP Assistance

The Michigan Wheat Program board has put its support behind the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP), as a way of backing the voluntary program managed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

MAEAP provides farmers an opportunity to affirm their good farming practices that support the environment. With ever-changing regulations impacting agriculture, MAEAP can provide an ag-specific risk assessment by an outside expert who can review your on-farm practices and recordkeeping.

While the MAEAP process is free, the Michigan Wheat board recognizes that it may be time-consuming for many farmers. Since 2013, the board has offered a one-time $50 financial award for documented wheat farmers (one award per farmer, not per farm) who are currently growing wheat and have obtained their first cropping system verification in MAEAP.

To claim the $50 incentive, farmers should download and review the Michigan Wheat Program’s MAEAP Certification Recognition Guidelines. When MAEAP verification has been achieved, a farmer may claim the one-time $50 incentive by downloading the wheat MAEAP Certification Recognition Request Form, completing it and returning it to the Michigan Wheat Program at the address on the form.