One of the research projects funded by the Michigan Wheat Program is an innovative agreement with Michigan State University’s Diagnostic Services, which specializes in identification of crop problems ranging from disease or insects to nutrition and physiological issues.

Michigan wheat farmers are encouraged to submit samples of wheat problems to the lab for analysis free of charge. The lab diagnoses general crop health, cultures fungal and bacterial pathogens, tests for viruses, analyzes nematodes, and detects and identifies insect pests.

In many cases, the lab recommends mitigation or crop improvement strategies, which are sent to farmers by e-mail for rapid implementation.

At the end of each growing season, the wheat sample results are aggregated by lab director Dr. Jan Byrne, and reviewed for any trends or possible new disease or pest issues. This information is utilized by the Michigan Wheat Program board of directors. They use the data to develop the MWP research program and establish priorities to remain at the forefront of issues facing wheat farmers.

2017 PowerPoint on Diagnostics of Wheat Samples

2016-2017 Wheat Diagnostic Summary

2016 Wheat Diagnostic Summary

2015 Wheat Diagnostic Summary

2014 Final Diagnostic Presentation for Michigan Wheat Program

2014 Wheat Diagnostic Summary

2013 Final Diagnostic Presentation for Michigan Wheat Program

2013 Wheat Diagnostic Summary

Farmers with a wheat sample for analysis should visit the Farmer Perks tab on miwheat.org to obtain the sampling instructions and the MSU Diagnostic Services submittal form.

Contact Jan at byrnejm@msu.edu or call the lab at (517) 355-4536.


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